"Our fate lives within us"
"Fate be changed," said the witch.
Changed it was.
I am Merida, Scottish Princess and best archer in the kingdom.
Stay sassy and shoot some arrows
//So heres the deal guys!!!
Merida Roleplay blog
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Open RP (M!A/Modern)

Merida giggled as she stumbled into her apartment, after just coming home from having a drink with her friends. She couldn’t keep steady, and the whole world was spinning before her eyes. Her friends had had to help her get up the stairs, and had now left her on her own. Sometimes Merida wondered if they really were her friends, or only liked her for her fathers status as a big business man, who ran an extremely successful company. Merida’s mother had always lectured her on how she should have acted in public, how to stand, speak, and present herself in front of a large group of people.
She wasn’t on the best grounds with her mother, who wanted her to get married as soon as possible. Merida dumped her brown satchel on her couch and laid down, groaning and rubbing her weary eyes.